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Become a Farm Member

There are two ways to become a farm member:  (1) become a customer for our regular farming offerings or (2) simply pay an annual membership fee.

You are automatically a farm member at no additional cost if: 

(1) in the past you've been a paying guest at our guest house; 

(2) If you board your horse with us; and/or 

(3) if you buy our livestock. 

If you have not supported us in the ways listed above and want an alternative means of becoming a farm member, simply pay an annual $1,800.00 per person fee, plus sales tax.   The rate at which you join will be the rate you pay each year. 

For a discussion of benefits, click HERE.   To become a member now, click HERE.


We are a working farm, so rules and restrictions do apply.   If you are unfamiliar with our rules, please talk to us.


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