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CoronaVirus Information:


We are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID - 19.  If you have questions, please call us.  910-592-7458.

You are automatically a farm member at no additional cost if: 

(1) in the past you've been a guest at our guest house; 

(2) If you board your horse with us; and/or 

(3) if you buy our livestock. 

If you have not supported us in the ways listed above and want an alternative means of becoming a farm member, simply pay an annual $480 per person fee, plus sales tax. 

To become a member now, click HERE.

Farm membership entitles you to access to the farm.  Attend our events at no cost or steeply discounted cost.  Stroll the paths.  Listen to music.  Engage with the animals.  Shop at our tiny retail store.  Relax at the Welcome Center.  And lounge on the courtyard.  Plus, we offer a stay in our guest house at no charge.

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We are a working farm, so rules and restrictions do apply.   If you are unfamiliar with our rules, please talk to us.

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