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CoronaVirus Information:


The virus is causing concern, stress, and confinement.  We understand. 


For that reason, if you are a farm member and need a break during this time of crisis, call us.  We will open the farm for you any day or night of the week.  Come stroll the paths, talk to the animals, lounge on the courtyard, and shop at The Shed.  910-592-7458.

If you've been a guest at our guest house in the past, you automatically become a farm member.  If you board your horse with us, you too are a farm member.  And we also appreciate very much the people who buy our livestock.   How do we express our appreciation to all of you people who support our farm? 


We offer ways for connection.  Ways to help you relax, appreciate nature, to immerse yourselves in all the soul-soothing salve that a farm and its animals offer.  We provide opportunities to extend our relationship with you--outside of your stay or visit to buy livestock or board your horse.  We want to create experiences such that you feel that this is YOUR farm.  Our goal is to enhance and elevate your experience of our farm.


To say "thank you",  you have the opportunity to

       - attend events at no cost and

      - drop by the farm every second weekend of the month for refreshments and more -- such as strolling around the farm, shopping at the tiny retail store set in the woods, lounging in the gathering places, walking the paths, and relaxing in the welcome center.  Again, at no additional cost.

If you have not been a customer of Twiddle Dee Farm and/or the guest house, you can still  join us every second weekend (Saturday and Sunday)  via an annual membership.  Farm membership includes access to our tiny retail shop, our  walking paths, planned events, the Welcome Center, and the courtyard.  Come for the day.  Lounge around.  Shop The Shed, enjoy a fire pit, and experience nature in an awesome setting.  Adults only please.   To purchase an annual pass and become one of our farm supporters/members, visit our tiny shop website by clicking HERE and go to the "Member Info" page.



We are a working farm, so rules and restrictions do apply.   If you are unfamiliar with our rules, please talk to us.

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