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We have no livestock for sale at this time. 


We've decided to sell no more than two animals a year.  We met our quota already for this year.

And, by the way, our cattle are small.  We breed for smallness.  For a comparison, please see the photo at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in reserving one of our small cattle, call us at 910-592-7458.  Leave us a message and we'll get back with you!

When you buy livestock from us, you become a farm member.  To find out more about farm membership, click here.

In the photo below, at the time of the picture, the red cow was over two years old.  The red and white belted galloway is several years old.  The white cow was purchased from a neighboring farmer and is less than a year old.  The white cow is our pet and we will not use her for breeding purposes because she will be a large cow.  We breed for a small size.  To read a more intellectual discussion of small cattle, call or visit Oliver Miniature Acres in Texas.  Tell Amanda we said hello.
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