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Due to health concerns of Chris, we have decided to disperse our entire herd of cattle, except for one young belted galloway heifer.  While we prefer a systematic approach by selling only two cattle per year, the fact remains that 6 bulls and 10 heifers are now for sale. These include Belted Galloways, Corriente, and one Short-horn heifer.

And, by the way, our cattle are small for the most part.  We bred for smallness. 

If you are interested in any of our cattle, call us at 910-592-7458.  Leave us a message and we'll get back with you!

When you buy livestock from us, you become a farm member.  To find out more about farm membership, click here.

We breed our cattle for a small size.  To read a more intellectual discussion of small cattle, call or visit Oliver Miniature Acres in Texas.  Tell Amanda we said hello.
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