Come solo or grab your friends and escape to our guest house.

Affordable.  Safe.  Set in the middle of the farm, facing the highway.  An extraordinary way to take a short, easy break from your family, your job, your life.  Dig your feet into our way of living here on the farm.  No pretenses:  Just great service and a great experience that you will remember. 


Deemed a "GreenTravel Destination" by the NC Department of Environmental Quality.

"Even though this farm is set in the middle of a high-production county, we offer a fresh and different perspective on farming.  We take a less-is-more mindset, with low stocking rates, regenerative farming practices, and an on-farm experience that allows engagement with the animals.  We offer you the opportunity to experience nature first-hand in a rural setting; because we are focused on wellness, health, and personal well-being. The design aesthetics of the farm provide a network of walking paths, carefully curated gardens, art on the farm, and canopied settings where people can gather or be alone. We are farming the land and helping people to understand the connection between what we eat and how it is produced and our own well-being." - Carla Peterson, owner/farmer

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